Joining us for Clash Symbols #11 is Aemong, a synth-pop duo full of surprising synth lines and a hypnotic clash of textures and sounds. We catch up with the Berlin-based synth outfit below about their pre-show rituals and what they'd be up to if they weren't making music.

Aemong pic 2.JPG

Bang On Team: Tell us a little about your band.
We started Aemong after hanging out and noticing we had a lot of similar opinions in music and art. We kept going for a mix of curiosity and obsession. Mostly curiosity.

BOT: Why did you start to make music?
Yu-Ching: I always dreamed about having a band when I was in school, and when I started the college life, it just started naturally.

Henrique: I started after seeing my older brother's band rehearse. Full band at loud volume felt like a type of superpower. I was impressed.

BOT: What’s been your best moment as a band so far?
When I find my music cool.

H: Finishing the last record was my best moment so far. We did the album a bit too long for our limitations on recording and mixing, it was getting exhausting.

BOT: Who are three bands everyone should listen to right now?
ASDA, Deaf Kids and Omen.

BOT: How do you prepare for a gig?
Rehearse seriously.

H: The only thing I do consciously do is avoid large meals. I found it good when I was very focused, and tried to exercise this before but it didn’t work.

BOT: What can people look forward to about your set?
Collections of noise with retro sounding synth and pop vocals.

H: Currently a lot of voice. A kind of dysfunctional doo-wop family performing with a sound-system.

BOT: Finish the sentence. If I wasn’t making music I would...
Became a housewife.

H: Be working on an ice cream shop with my brother.

Catch Aemong at this Friday's Clash Symbols #11 with CHARMPIT and Herbstonne.