The second of our acts from Blighty, we first encountered Bugeye when we played them on our radio show, Bang on the Ear, and have basically been crowing about them ever since. Punchy, poppy and undeniably British, Bugeye are going to bring their uniquely London flavour to our inaugural festival.

Tell us a little about your band.
Bugeye are a female fronted indie disco band from London. We've been described as a mixture of Pixies, Blondie, and Elastica, which is quite a compliment. We like to mix disco beats with punk guitar rifts, pounding bass and sometimes shouty/sometimes melodic vocals. We use abstract lyrics as well as storytelling in our songs, so we always have number of hooks to keep things interesting.

What’s been your best moment as a band so far?
There's been so many that it's hard to pinpoint a single moment. Accidentally discovering that our music is being played on national radio was pretty breathtaking though. It took me a few seconds to realise that it was Bugeye being played on the airwaves!

How do you prepare for a gig?
Aside from all the pre-promotion that normally takes place and rehearsals, we like to spend a bit of time together doing something fun. It's really important to connect with the people you're in a band with, and we've always been firm friends so I guess we're lucky in that regard.

If you could have anyone in the audience at Bang On fest for your set, who would you choose and why?
Now this probably isn't the coolest response, but I can't think of anyone I would rather have more in the audience than my wife, Julia. Through all the good and bad gigs we've played, she's always been there at the front. She makes me feel like I can do anything. A little guiding star of sorts. We had a little girl recently, so she's on babysitting duties and can't make it to Bang On Fest sadly.

What does Bang On Fest mean to you?
We're very excited to play Bang On Fest. It's our first venture to Germany for a gig, and I just feel that it's further proof of the growing support of women in music. It's not just a local movement, it's a global movement, and events like Bang On help bring together such a wonderful collection of artists and bands. It's the kind of stuff that's history in the making. We're proud to be a part of it.

Bang On Fest is all about promoting women in music. Favourite female artist?
Again, there are so many. Can I be cheeky and name a few? Mattiel because her vocals are truly divine and her songwriting skills are second to none. St Vincent for reinvention and doing the unexpected. LIINES because of their raw energy in punching out a super catchy cool song, and lastly but not least, Debbie Harry for continuing to rock with the best of them.

What can people look forward to about your set?
High energy music to make you dance your ass off.

Catch Bugeye at Bang On Fest, April 7th.