Dream Nails

Dream Nails

Dream Nails

Powerhouses of punk, Dream Nails are one of the UK's most exciting exports. We catch up with them ahead of their set at the final Clash Symbols showcase of 2017.

BangOn Team: Tell us a little about your band. What’s your sound?
Janey: Our sound is witch punk: the result of three magic ingredients: witches, instruments and rage. We also add a sprinkle of joy in there too.
Anya: We’ve been described as the Ramones meets Bikini Kill.

BOT: How do you go about songwriting?
J: It depends. Usually Anya and I will sit and jam stuff out and then take a basic structure to a full band rehearsal, where we jam it out for hours and it finally comes to life. Our test for whether a song’s a winner is whether it’s stuck in our heads the next day. If it’s not, we know it needs more work.
A: Yeah, that’s the failsafe test. Also it needs to make us laugh hysterically or it’s dead in the water! Even our most angry songs do that. Our new song ‘Man Baby’ makes us collapse in fits of laughter when we cry, ‘Wah! Wah! Wah!’

BOT: Who are your biggest influences?
Sharon Jones, the amazing soul singer.
A: Sleater-Kinney because the musicianship is always so on point, but also newer bands like Bully and SACRED PAWS made me fall back in love with rock music again.
Mimi: Love The Pixies but lately Mitski and Big Thief are what I play non-stop.

BOT: What’s been your lowest and highest point as a band/project?
J: Highest point has definitely been playing Glastonbury’s Sisterhood two years in a row. We headlined it last year and were invited back this year. It was so much fun.
A: Touring Europe with Cherry Glazerr and Petrol Girls (both bands are so lovely and
funny as hell) this year and playing sold-out shows full of amazing, hype people for weeks on

BOT: What’s your ultimate aim?
J: My overall aim in life is to end violence against women. I guess in music that means
doing everything I can to be talking about violence, ensuring the venues we play in are safe
spaces and making women feel powerful and inspired to take action.
A: I want our music to be the soundtrack to the intersectional feminist revolution.
M: Burn the patriarchy with punk music.

BOT: You have the chance to play one song for a legend of your choice. What do you play?
A: I’d play ‘Don’t Think Twice (It’s Alright)’ by Bob Dylan. That’s a survival song right
there. If not that, then Calvin Harris’ ‘Feels’. Janey got me obsessed with that song, haha! Dream Nails have no game and no chill.
M: Dream Nails “Lovefuck” to Lady Gaga

BOT: Who are some up and coming London based artists we should know about?
: Best Praxis! They’re an amazing 5-piece synth punk band formed by female/nonbinary people of colour and their stage presence is electric. We’re hopefully playing with them and Personal Best in January!
A: I also love Militant Girlfriend. They’re barmaids playing in a queer pop punk band from
South London whose songs are so catchy and clever.
M: Not sure if she’s considered up and coming but Kate Tempest is an amazing artist.

BOT: What do we have to look forward to in the coming months from you?
The launch of our second EP Dare to Care on 27th October!
A: Yeah, and our first vinyl release, Vagina Police, is coming out on Everything Sucks Records later this year too!
M: Cool videos and more shows!

BOT: Which muppet would you take in a fist fight?
A: I would take on Boris Johnson. The clownish fools are the most dangerous.
J: Tony Blair

Catch Dream Nails with Imaginary French and Yacht Communism on November 4th at Clash Symbols #8 at Bei Ruth! Want to hear us gush about them? Stream our Bang on the Ear radio show.