Based in Berlin, Featherweights are a duo who are self-described singers of all things karaoke birthday nights, self doubt, dry shampoo, and sometimes love. Gentle and delightfully lovely for it, we're super excited to be wooed by them on April 7th. 


Tell us a little about your band.
Linnea & Linus: We’re a duo transforming into a band. The songs and the lyrics are the most important things to us. And to have fun. And to be sincere.

What’s been your best moment as a band so far?
L&L: When we toured/travelled in Italy and met a lot of cool people. One of our favourite concerts was in Guastalla. The venue was situated right next to the river Po, which floods every year. There were all these planted trees standing in straight lines as far as you could see, and the house we stayed in was built so that it would float when it flooded. There were a lot of mosquitoes. People were standing around after dark with a Moscow Mule in one hand and a huge can of insect repellent in the other.

Playing at Down by the River Festival in Berlin was a big thing to us as well. It was 37 degrees and our palms were sweaty and Linnea’s face was red, but it was still one of the best moments as a band. The people arranging it have a good approach to music and treat everyone the same, even if some artists are well known and some are not known at all.

How do you prepare for a gig?
Linnea: Drinking water and being nervous.

Linus: I like to have my nicest clothes clean and ready to be worn.

If you could have anyone in the audience at Bang On fest for your set, who would you choose and why?
Linnea: Anyone who likes our music.. Also my friend Maja, because I miss her and because she’s mentioned in a new song of mine and I want her to hear it live.

What does Bang On Fest mean to you?
L&L: It feels great to be part of an event focusing on bands with female musicians. More of that!

Bang On Fest is all about promoting women in music. Favourite female artist?
Linnea: One of my favourite artists is Annika Norlin, known from the bands Säkert! and Hello Saferide. She writes beautiful, clever and relatable songs. “I Was Jesus” is a great song that I listen to sometimes when the patriarchy makes me feel angry.

Linus:  I would maybe say Gillian Welch. And Frankie Cosmos is a more recent favourite.

What can people look forward to about your set?
L&L: This will be our second show playing as a band! Rachel Glassberg, another cool female artist who also has her own project: Rachel Glassberg & the Disasters, is joining us on drums. That means it will be fun!

Catch Featherweights at Bang On Fest, April 7th.