Glassberg & the Disasters

Ahead of Bang On Fest #2, we catch up with Rachel from anti-folk wonders, Glassberg & the Disasters.

Linus Kallin

Linus Kallin

Tell us about Glassberg & the Disasters.
I moved to Berlin, went to the Madame Claude open mic a lot and started writing songs – usually wordy, mostly funny, sometimes not – about things like science, the internet and bad movies. First I played solo, then as a power trio; now we’re a foursome with me on guitar, Vincent on bass, Elke on drums, Linnea on keys/sax and everyone on vocals. I’d say we straddle the line between anti-folk, indie guitar-pop and outright nerdery.

What are you most looking forward to at Bang On fest.
The lovely vibes, the new-to-us venue, the supportive and hopefully punctual crowd, and of course the epic lineup! I’m already a big SchnickSchnack and People Club fan, so I’m excited to share a stage with them and find some new faves as well.

If someone only had time to listen to one of your songs, which one would you choose and why?
New contenders are coming soon, but for now go for “Let The Right Ones In”, our single from 2016. It’s got everything: a richly characterised, entirely fictional protagonist, a thinly veiled political subtext, a shouty singalong part, and a video accidentally documenting the demolition of Antje Øklesund (#neverforget).

What does “DIY” indie mean to you?
Not letting people who already have loads of money profit off your creative work, to the extent that that’s possible in 2019. Being on a “du” basis with the guy down the street who photocopies your fliers. Feeling constantly grateful for the friends who come to your shows, the strangers who feed you breakfast, and the German taxpayers who subsidise your rehearsal room.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
As hinted above, we’ve got an album happening. Eventually! It’s in the mastering stage and the plan is to release it, play some shows around it and make a new video or two before the end of 2019. Otherwise, Linnea and I are co-organising some awesome DIY events with Collage Collective (and she’s got her own project taking off soon). Elke’s going to spend some time traipsing around the Balkans, and Vincent is working on an album of his own, in addition to having just made a tiny person that he’ll be bringing to our concerts as soon as the protective headphones fit.

See Glassberg & the Disasters at Bang On Fest #2, Saturday 30 March at Zukunft am Ostkreuz.