16th - 28th of September 

Berlin locals HAWK recently toured The UK - finishing with a sold out show supporting The Drums. Let HAWK tell ya'll 'bout it, from watching the occasional movie, playing festivals, and recording new material.

P.S they're cute AF  (with and without beanies)

#1 – Sofar Sounds, London (Julie)  

We have arrived in the UK! Sofar Sounds was an intense and gorgeous way to kick off tour. And best of all it was in a frozen banana bar, so it was also delicious. 🍌  It always really throws me when we play an intimate set - I can hear every shiver in my voice so clearly and see everyone's expressions super up close. The crowd were very kind. Matt drove us back to Chris' family house in Oxford afterwards - I slept in and out of Matt's playlist. I was woken at one point by Cherry Ghost. Later I was woken to Sam shouting 'NO NO NO NO!' thinking we had driven down the wrong lane. We hadn't. When we got in there was tea and grilled cheese - we realised we hadn't had dinner because we'd just been eating frozen banana ice-cream. Waking up in Kidlington this morning was bizarre and sleepy after leaving Shoreditch last night. Some of us might visit Oxford today - I've never been. Got to pick up some sandwich supplies before Head for the Hills Festival, tomorrow! ❤ 

#2 – Head for the Hills Festival, Ramsbottom (Matt)  

Head for the Hills was literally twice what we expected. We played an early slot to an enthusiastic response… so enthusiastic that following a cancelation we were asked to come back and play the penultimate slot on the same stage later that day. Some genuinely awesome people and great conversations were had and it was overall a great day. Our evening came to an end shortly after we were chased out of a driveway in Leeds at around midnight after we pulled into the wrong address courtesy of Apple Maps. But we survived and managed to find a shop with more Diet Coke for me so it is all good.  

#3 – Cinema horror, Leeds // The Adelphi, Hull (Sam)  

So, horror movies aren’t really my thing, however heading to the cinema at least once while on the road has become a staple of TOUR LYF ( #tourlyf ). We usually tend to go for whatever horror or psychological thriller that is showing at the time so when I heard we were going to see IT on our night off in Leeds I thought “Great! Finally, a relief from the terror.” There I am, looking forward to an Informative film about Technology. IT WAS NOT ABOUT COMPUTERS. Nor technology. In fact, there wasn’t a single computer in IT!!! What was in IT, was a F****** SCARY ASS CLOWN WHO EATS CHILDREN!!!!* 👈 The next day, once my nerves had settled, we made our way to Hull to play the iconic New Adelphi Club. It was such a pleasure to meet the Adelphi crew including Jim the sound engineer and Paul Jackson the proprietor, who has been a beloved supporter of local and international acts coming through Hull for decades. He has a reputation for feeding bands incredibly well before shows, and we were no exception. Our Egyptian feast at Nofretete was amazing. Prior to the gig, a documentary on the history of the Adelphi was screened. Now that was an informative movie! We watched footage of many of the bands who have played the Adelphi over the span of its 33 years. These acts included This Is The Kit, Jarvis Cocker, Melt Banana, Pavement, Franz Ferdinand, and Green Day. It was an honour to play on the same stage as such legendary acts! Today is Matt’s birthday and the most stressful thing we have to do is pick a theme for his card.   

* We have since discovered that there actually is a film called I.T. on Netflix for all you Pierce Brosnan fans.  

#4 - Paper Dress Vintage, London (Julie)  

Last night we played to a packed-out Paper Dress Vintage full of old friends and music comrades from over the years. We soundchecked watching double-deckers swivel up and down Hackney High St and stepped out to the most London smell of rain and fried chicken. Destroyed ourselves at Temple of Hackney (equally authentic chicken smell. 100% Seitan!) before doors. Heavy Heart were the perfect opener - I watched them feeling like I was in coming of age film in 1994. And our show was met with lots of moody shuffling and head-banging - generally what we like to see from stage! The rest of the night was hugs and whiskey and dancing to Fatboy Slim at The Dolphin. There was a massive huddle dance to Dexy's Midnight Runners. And an argument about Dancing Queen because apparently, some people don't think it's the most perfectly written song on earth. Someone gave me a badge with Sting’s face on it, which is probably my new favourite accessory. Last wander around London today in 25 degrees (!) and I only got lost on the tube twice in my hazy state. I narrowly escaped sitting on a Greggs sausage roll on the bus. At one point, I thought I was being cat-called from a car, but the guy actually shouted "YO! LOVELY SHOES!" All in all, a successful 24 hours in London. 

Paper Dress Vintage 

Paper Dress Vintage 

#5 - The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham (Matt)  

Sunflower Lounge is a really nice venue. Recently refurbished with great gear and a strange smell of ‘clean’ that took a while to get used to. We had one of those total nerd-out gigs where you are totally in awe of the acts before you… 🤓 Advert Narrative and Ghosts of Social Network were great, and very nice human beings. Also Sam captured an freed a giant spider before we went to bed. (For its own good). We’re using a couple of days of our tour to get some new tracks recorded, so we are currently on a ferry to meet our partner in crime Rocky O’ Reilly at Start Together Studio at Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast for what will be our 5th recording session in the last 12 months! I personally find recording the best bit of being a musician and I’m really looking forward to hearing the new songs start to come together over the next couple of days. Following that, we play a sold out show in Berlin at The Lido supporting The Drums which will be our biggest show in Berlin to date. In other news; I have no clean clothes left. 👙 

Here's some video proof of us us playing Take It Away

#6 – Recording Session at Oh Yeah Centre, Belfast (Sam)  

Day 1 of recording is over and we are well into Day 2. Yesterday, drums for all three tracks were finished by lunch (lunch from Grapevine which is the holy grail of lunches!) Recording drums is always a breeze with Rocky, partly because he makes my pots and pans sound huuuuuge and partly because I'm just f****** class. It's a joint effort. 👨👨  Yesterday afternoon was spent on bass and guitars and a lot of fun was had when a mysterious crackle was heard coming from Matt's guitar amp. After Matt and Rocky had ruled out issues with any pedals or patch leads, we realised our trusty road weary amplifier had fallen prey to gremlins. Luckily Rocky has a million more amps so all was not lost and thanks to Leif at the RNR Workshop, upstairs, Matt's baby is now back to full health. 💉  Day 2 is for vocals and Julie is currently smashing out the first track and it sounds both mega and monstrous! 👹  Can't wait for you all to hear! Stay tuned.👂 Tonight we begin our epic journey back to Berlin with an overnight ferry to Liverpool en route to our last show of the tour (!!!!) to support The Drums (!!!!) at The Lido (!!!!) on Thursday! 🔥  All in all, including the ferry it will roughly amount to a 30hour journey as we travel from Belfast->Liverpool->Folkestone->Calais->Berlin! 😬  Driverless cars can not come too soon! You listening Google?!? Yeah you are! You are always listening! 

#7 – The Lido, Berlin (Julie)  

We made it back to Germany, and all the way to Lido. Sam found this amazing song which he put on repeat all the way to the venue. Last night we played to the biggest crowd we've ever played to. I expected that going from playing small indie venues to this would be terrifying but it felt like a dream. I managed to abandon the guys on stage before our set to rush to the dressing room and get my earphones. I think getting a massive fail out of the way probably meant it had to be uphill from there. The audience was like a sea, waving and swelling as we played. It felt right. Berlin crowds are such a pleasure to play to in any number. Then before I knew it, we were watching The (fricking) Drums! as if we'd just turned up as fans. I couldn't believe that was the stage we had just been on. The Drums were epic. Johnny ended their set, talking to the crowd about his struggles with self-love and identity. He spoke for a good five minutes – and then they smashed out two more songs with the audience in a total state of euphoria. Best end to a tour ever. ☝Seven sets, eight sleeping arrangements, two ferries, three new tracks recorded, six playlists, one new car game, and about forty hours of driving. Tour has been fucking marvellous and as always, has ended way too quickly. Thank you to everyone who offered a bed or a cup of tea, and to Izzy for trusting us with your polaroid. Thank you to everyone who came to our support us. We met loads of amazing bands on the road, doing exactly what we're trying to do and get our music out there and connect with as many listeners as possible. It’s a fucking monstrous and brutal industry to make sense of, but playing live puts it all into perspective. Thank you for buying tickets, sharing music, wearing badges and to keeping indie music alive ♥ 

Sold what?

Sold what?

Well, that was fun

Well, that was fun