Tonnes of atmosphere, rattling folk overtones and enough retro cool to power thirteen Hammond organs, HEKLA are a bright star on the Berlin indie scene, a glistening button pinned proudly to the chest of your favourite vintage store proprietor. They chat to us about songwriting and how to deal with curious cops.


The Lo Down

BangOn Team: Tell us a little about your band/project. What’s your sound?

HEKLA: We call our sound psychedelic doom pop: airy vocals layered over swelling synth sounds, fuzzy guitars and dramatic drums.

BOT: How do you go about songwriting?

H: All our songs are a result of us collaborating. Usually someone brings a sketch for a riff or a vocal melody and then we play around with that. Our lyrical inspiration tends to come from real-life stories with a haunting twist. That’s why our song subjects cover stalkers (‘Stella’), someone's rotting teenage crush (‘Lady of Guadalupe’), a channel swimmer pioneer (‘Dover Calais’) and hangovers with a name (‘Dirty Harry’).

BOT: Who are your biggest influences?

H: Frida Hyvönen, Debbie Harry, Space Lady, Ariel Pink, GOAT, BSB, MJ, Paul Anka.

BOT: What’s been your lowest and highest point as a band/project?

Police officer: "How high are you?"

HEKLA: "No officer, it's "Hi, How are you?"

BOT: What’s your ultimate aim?

H: World tour with Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper and Britney Spears

BOT: You have the chance to play one song for a legend of your choice. What do you play?

H: We wanna play 'Lady of Guadalupe' for Patti Smith

BOT: What does Berlin do for you musically?

H: Most HEKLA members met for the first time in Berlin with the aim to make music together. It’s such a great place for that, to merge different influences and backgrounds.

BOT: What do we have to look forward to in the coming months from you?

H: After the release of our self-titled debut album HEKLA in March, we’re currently working on an EP with 4 brand new hot songs. We’ll play 'Boulevards' for you at BangOn!

BOT: Which muppet would you take in a fist fight?

H: Foo Foo

Foo Foo is tough as shit.

Foo Foo is tough as shit.

Catch HEKLA with 57 and Party Fears at Bang On’s Clash Symbols #3 on June 2nd at Bei Ruth!