Punk meets glam with Jealous, a trio of self-confessed stoned-cheerleaders who bring their garage stylings to this month's Clash Symbols.

jealousphotobooth-Recovered (1).jpg

Tell us a little about your band.
AD: it’s a trash glam dirt fantasy
PL: I play drums

Why did you start to make music?
AD: It looked super easy when other people were doing it.

PL: Just sort of happened. It's a nice place to go as a kid.

PZ: 'Cause I can’t rely on my looks or personality.

What’s been your best moment as a band so far?
AD: Once Paul cooked us a Mexican dinner.

PL: We were all grabbing and climbing over each other when we were watching some band on a night Baby Satan organized. Synced up.

Who are three bands everyone should listen to right now?
AD: SKY, Häxxan, Nunofyrbeeswax.

PL: Hunllef, Stephen Steinbrink, Arthur Nobody.

PZ: Neta Polturak, Bechamel & Johannes Bügeleisen.

How do you prepare for a gig?
AD: Changing clothes five times while listening to disco.

PL: Try to stay quiet and slow.

What can people look forward to about your set?
AD: Toothache.

PL: The lil things.

PZ: Flanger.

Finish the sentence. If I wasn’t making music I would…
PL: Walk.

PZ: Learn how to make wine and sail a boat in south of France.