Brooding and spacious, Leoprrrds' sound drifts over oceans and sweeps the listener up in darkly swirling crescendoes. With three vocalists, firm, repetitive bass lines, and a wealth of overlapping melodies, the international trio will have you swaying in place, eyes closed and head bowed. They also drink cocktails with appropriate reverence as pictured below.

If you like Pina Coladas, you'll love Leoprrrds! 

If you like Pina Coladas, you'll love Leoprrrds! 

BangOn Team: Tell us a little about your band. What’s your sound?

Leoprrrds: We find it very hard to describe our sound. But a lot of people keep saying we sound so nineties. We try to bring back the best sounds and ideas from that time, but we are still a product of this millennium. Real instruments. Real and raw. A bit dreamy. Passionate. Riot Grrrl-y.

BOT: How do you go about songwriting?

L: Usually one of us brings in an idea or a rough sketch of a song and then we flesh it out together.

BOT: Who are your biggest influences?

L: We all come from really different backgrounds musically. Lately Maya has been listening a lot to Yo La Tengo and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. And that’s after years of listening to Mahler and Brahms. Victoria just went to Copenhagen to see Guns ‘n’ Roses and nearly died of happiness. But growing up, Courtney Love was her biggest hero. Ian thinks that ‘Airplane over the Sea’ by Neutral Milk Hotel is the best album ever.

BOT: What’s been your lowest and highest point as a band/project?

L: We just keep getting higher and higher.

BOT: What’s your ultimate aim?

L: Tour South Korea. And then world domination.

When I think about you I touch myself = O. When I think about you I touch others = X.

BOT: You have the chance to play one song for a legend of your choice. What do you play?

L: We would play a cover of the Divinyls song ‘I Touch Myself’ for our legend.

BOT: What does Berlin do for you musically?

L: It’s nice to be a counterpoint to all the electronic music. We have the feeling that the indie scene is evolving, which is nice.

BOT: What do we have to look forward to in the coming months from you?

L: Recording a cassette. Shooting a video. Drinking Campari and Sodas in the Berlin rain. And then World Domination.

BOT: Donald Trump has invited you to play a private party for him. He’ll pay you $1,000,000. Nobody ever has to know. Do you play?

L: Hell yes. If nobody finds out.

Catch Leoprrrds with Mondo Fumatore and Jawbones at Bang On’s Clash Symbols #4 at Bei Ruth!