Molto Vivo

From one of the punkest cities on Earth, Molto Vivo brings Belfast to Berlin at Bang On Fest. We learn more about the trio here.

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Tell us about Molto Vivo.
Rae: We’re a three-piece alternative rock band from Belfast, consisting of myself, Rae Sofley on vocals and bass guitar, Matty Bell on vocals and guitar, and Jordan Dickson on drums. Our unholy trinity aims to captivate audiences with our alternative rock style, provoking dancing and smiles from the audience, while writing and performing rock music derived from the orchestral/theatrical and rockabilly with a message of creating a world that is comfortable for all to live in.

What are you most looking forward to at Bang On fest?
Visiting Berlin and relearning the German language, and playing in an incredible venue with the rest of the line up. We’ve been rocking out to a playlist of their work in full preparation to party!

Jordan: Having a hell of a time and some laughs with the other bands, playing a kick ass show and seeing some kick ass shows.

Matthew: Playing in a different country, experiencing the German culture and listening to other artists rock the stage. Hopefully playing a great show ourselves too!

If someone only had time to listen to one of your songs, which one would you choose and why?
‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ it’s such a fun song to play and dance to onstage and it always gets the audience going crazy, which is amazing to see as it sticks a smile to my face for the rest of the night.

Jordan: ‘Screenplay’ because in the unfortunate event that they do have to leave they’ll be ‘trapped inside our screenplay’. Catchy wee bop on repeat.

Matty: ‘Brainwashed’ I think it captures some of our sound really well and it’s catchy. We recorded it last year and Rae edited the music video for it. Releasing that song as our second single just felt right.

What does “DIY” indie mean to you?
For me, DIY indie means finding your people. Where we are from in Ireland, there are so many hardworking individuals absolutely killing it and making this country one of the best places to live, despite all of the ongoing issues. DIY means forging your own path, skill sharing with other creators and trying something new. It’s the exhilaration of having an idea and being able to take it to new levels and put big things into action. I think for all of us creatively minded people, the opportunity to ‘do it yourself’ feels like we’ve won the lottery (maybe without the money part ha ha!) because we get to really use our strengths and ideas to the max, and celebrate all the ‘wins’ from small to big because you played a massive part in the process.

Jordan: Laid back, ‘rock your socks off’ the place with respect for others and the environment/space around you. Having plenty of fun.

Matty: DIY indie means creating something you want and the freedom to be original and make your own decisions, both creatively and in business.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I’ve just finished a week of programmed events in Belfast City Centre including: two exhibitions, one panel, two networking events, one workshop, one gig, two markets, one performance day and a drop-in picnic. I’m coming up with my next big ideas for events that further showcase and give a platform to the incredible local music scene.

Molto Vivo plans on travelling a lot more this year, as well as hitting some amazing Irish Music Festivals including the following: Stendhal, KnockanStockan, Vantastival to name but a few. We’re also working on a TOP SECRET four-part project that should be ready for release by the end of the year! Hints of information have been dropped on our social media and will continue throughout the year to keep everyone guessing.

See Molto Vivo at Bang On Fest #2, Saturday 30 March at Zukunft am Ostkreuz.