The Noise and the Naive

Meeting The Noise and the Naive was one of the highlights of Party Fears’ autumn, 2018 tour. Vibrant, vicious and aggressively fun, this duo punches you in the face with punk then offers you some lovely French cheese and bread. Learn more about them in our chat with drummer/singer, Anne, here!


You join us all the way from Newcastle, UK? What do we need to know about the indie scene there?
We all know how much work and passion goes into any DIY project, but we think there’s something very special going on within the North East, where the community spirit feels rooted so deeply into the local culture. 

What we found in Newcastle are devoted grassroots venues, promoters, journos and radio DJs who will often work two jobs to make it possible to share the music they love and keep the cultural heartbeat active at all levels. 

We found bands that will offer you to play with them and support you, and in a lot of those bands we found people we want to be around with, friends. 

Why did you choose to hit Berlin on your tour?
Schnitzels. Wurst. 

Last time we saw you, you were playing with a giant wheel of fortune. Any surprises we can look forward to on Thursday?
Pauline will speak her best German and dress like Uli Jon Roth.

How would you describe your sound?
We’re lucky to have found other people to describe it for us: it’s "glorious, wilful and discordant". 

How do you think Brexit will effect your touring opportunities?
I know every single monarch who reigned on England/UK since the early ages, I’m sure that’s a good point to pass the customs. 

What's on the radio while you eat up the miles between cities?
We're going into a “nostalgia” phase right now. I’ve just finished reading Carrie Brownstein’s book, and so I’ve been listening back to Sleater Kinney's albums a lot. 

Also L7 just released their new album, Scatter the Rats, and so I’ve dug my old L7 albums out and have been initiating Pauline to all the subtleties of their sound [evil laugh]. And we’ve just discovered Kap Bambino, an electro duo from France and they’re excellent!

Catch The Noise and the Naive at this Thursday’s Clash Symbols with (us!) Party Fears and Tire Toi Tigre.