Nunofyrbeeswax are easily one of the most exciting acts in Berlin. Raw punk energy with good vibes by the barrel-full, their electric sets are community-driven, bright, chaotic affairs. We love them, and you will too. Learn more about them here in our interview with the electric two-piece.


Bang On Team: Tell us a little about your band.
Nunofyrbeeswax: We started in the fall of 2015. Before that, we were the two guitars and vocals in the Fingers, a Berlin band active between 2013 and 2015 that made a few demos and one album.

Towards the end of what was happening with the Fingers, we both were in a creative flow and became slightly frustrated by the complications that came when trying to organise a band of four. Immediacy, in all aspects, was something that we were striving for. We’re still keeping this approach. The songs are fast-ish rock tunes played as a two piece band. That’s the core idea, then very often our friend Juan joins us on stage with some extra vocals and percussions, and (mostly) dance. We also tried a couple of experiments with Jonathan from Adventure Team on bass.

In these few years as a band, we played well over 100 shows and managed to tour quite a bit around Europe and just recently in the US. We also made a couple of albums and other bits and pieces.

BOT: Why did you start to make music?
N: As us two, I guess it was the curiosity to experiment and collaborate with a new medium. Then, after that initial push, it’s the excitement that comes with it that keeps you going.

I (Davide) hadn’t been playing for over 10 years, but I still had a guitar. Meanwhile Angela in that period was starting to make music alone, she had a guitar and an act going too. So, music seemed like a fun thing to do together; a common ground to explore together, I guess.

BOT: What’s been your best moment as a band so far?
N: Oh! I really don’t know. I’m dodging the question: I guess it’s the opportunities that the band gave me so far; those are the best things. Touring and travelling around, meeting people, seeing different and remote places and people’s houses, and the exchange that happens, that’s quite cool. The energy and fun of playing shows. All these things.

BOT: Who are three bands everyone should listen to right now?
N: The Bugs. They are from Portland. We played with them recently and they are now one of our favourite bands. Also, recently I’ve been enjoying listening to Cocaine Piss, Warm bodies, No Bunnies and The Messthetics a new intrumental project on Discord by Joe Lally and Brendan Canty of Fugazi.

Other names are Dead Moon, The Rats, Wipers, Fugazi, Arthur Brown; these are always around, but recently they’ve been played more often. Ah, Lassie from Leipzig! They're great and we’ve played together recently!

BOT: How do you prepare for a gig?
N: Probably by playing the set or the songs that are likely to be on the setlist.

BOT: What can people look forward to about your set?
N: I can’t tell. You please tell us! Okay, either a good or a bad execution and yet an okay set. Either you love it or you hate it. A polarising experience!

BOT: Finish the sentence. If I wasn’t making music I would…
N: Do more photography and more dance.

Catch Nunofyrbeeswax at this Saturday's Clash Symbols #13 with VORDEMFALL and Mademoiselle X.