Party Fears

Party Fears was first formed in South Korea. Now based in Berlin, the band continue to pursue their art-pop meets garage vision with jittery guitar riffs, party shout-outs, and unforgivingly disco drumbeats.


What do people need to know about Party Fears?
Eilis: Maggie and I have been mates for six years, and made an outrageous friendship promise to move to Europe (we were based in Seoul, South Korea). Two years in and we’re still here! And still friends!

Maggie: What she said!

Why did you start to make music?
E: I started when I was quite young. A 30 minute lesson a week; the regular primary school drill. But it wasn’t until South Korea that I released I want to make music, regularly, on my own terms.

M: I’ve always dabbled, but never really thought I could do the band thing until South Korea. Then it became a compulsion of sorts.

What’s been your best moment as a band so far?
E: We toured the UK last year, and in Cardiff we played to the most loving crowd with so many women up front. That was pretty special. Or just last week we played at Refugio for the Open Music School’s Second birthday party. It was the most diverse crowd I’ve ever played to and the vibe was so positive.

M: Yeah, I would also count those amongst the top moments! A recent highlight for me was when we laid down the final track on our upcoming EP, and danced like total eejits to the premix in the studio. It’s always really exciting hearing tracks that have been incubating in the rehearsal studio jump to life.

Who are three bands everyone should listen to right now?
E: The Beths, Camp Cope, Say Sue Me.

M: Those are great! I’ll add Pillow Queens (who has the best video with loads of dogs!), Hot Cops, and Beauty Sleep. I'm also really digging Toro y Moi, especially with the nice weather! I know that's four, shhhh.

How do you prepare for a gig?
E. I wish i had a personal routine for this. We practice pretty regularly, and I try not to drink before the gig, although one beer always helps my jitters.

M: There’s this word in Korean: dap-dap-hae. It means to have a kind of tight or stuffy chest. I get this feeling really badly right before playing, especially if there’s lots of shout-talking or networking happening. Which is a shame, ‘cause this is usually when friends want to catch up and hang out! With this in mind, I can often be found in the loo or lurking about on the edges of conversations like an awkward chat-vampire. I’d love to one day develop a really odd routine. Like light parkour or something.

What can people look forward to about your set?
E: Variety(?). Maybe a joke or two from Maggie.

M: Octo-arms Eilis. Fun songs. Fun set? Dancing? Party shouts!

Finish the sentence. If I wasn’t making music I would…
E: Sleep more.

M: Sing despondently in my shower forever alone.