Polly's Disaster

Polly's Disaster makes sadness her bedfellow. Tender and earnest, her tunes are a welcome window into the heart of an artist. We chat with the artist ahead of her set at Bang On Fest.

Polly's Disaster pic ohne Schrift Kopie.jpg

Tell us a little about your project.
Melancholy is Polly's inspiration, her fuel and her strength. It took her some years of love and kick-ass breakups to write the right songs. Luckily she has now collected a vast variety of wonderful disasters to turn them into a full set of love, anger, warmth and madness on stage; her 'Melancholy Medicine'. 

What’s been your best moment as an artist so far?
My first concert. I invited everyone and everyone came. Big, scary, nervous, fascinating and relieving moment.

How do you prepare for a gig?
I drink vodka with Polly.

If you could have anyone in the audience at Bang On fest for your set, who would you choose and why?
My grandma. She was a supergirl.

What does Bang On Fest mean to you?
Encouraging girls and women to do what they love. And express it so everyone can see and hear. It’s important. So let’s celebrate it!

Bang On Fest is all about promoting women in music. Favourite female artist?
I never considered myself a 'fan' of anything... Until I listened to Björk and Feist.

What can people look forward to about your set?
To get entertained by melancholy.

Catch Polly's Disaster at Bang On Fest, April 7th.