She Owl

Rhythms like heartbeats and chants that walk the line between the carnal and the divine, She Owl’s earthy tones and soaring mysteriousness are a delicious cocktail of contradictions. Dedicatedly nomadic, the duo makes a stop at the final Clash Symbols of the year.


Bang On Team: Tell us a little about your project.
Jolanda: She Owl is a dream pop duo developed from myself and Demian’s experiences. We feel like kindred spirits, a nomadic couple born to travel the world and play music together. Living, working, performing what we call art and life, sometimes making beautiful, unexpected mistakes. When I write my songs, I always have a storm of images in my head, so I would say I get my inspiration from other musicians as well as artists and filmmakers.

Demian: Jolanda writes her songs and we arrange them together. We have a minimal approach to music, and at the same time we have a lot of dynamics, from ‘almost silent’ to ‘quite loud’.

BOT: Why did you start to make music?
Demian made me listen to ‘Horses’ by Patti Smith when I was 17. The mix of raw feminine energy and poetry blew my mind.

D: When I first opened my mouth and cried… that was already my music but I didn’t know yet! It took me ages to realise that everything is music and musicians are simply more trained and conscious about that. I wrote my first song at 12. I called it, ‘The Best song of your life’. Luckily it’s not on the internet…

BOT: What’s been your best moment as a band so far?
She Owl:
This June we shared the stage at Club Silencio in Paris with Cat Power. The Club is designed by David Lynch. It was like being in one of his films. Add to that Cat Power and the picture gets perfect.

BOT: Who are three bands everyone should listen to right now?
Heligoland, Gus Ring, Killing Cartisano.

D: No Diving, Soft Crystals and all your best friends’ favourite bands!

BOT: How do you prepare for a gig?
A quick warm-up, one or two cups of hot tea, a quiet backstage space where we can get focused and save some energy for later.

BOT: What can people look forward to about your set?
What people say they love about our performance is the interaction between the two of us: we’ve been a couple for 16 years now, so there is an inevitable chemistry, a special kind of interaction you can’t find in every concert out there.

BOT: Finish the sentence. If I wasn’t making music I would…
Spend some time in a house in the woods being an illustrator for children books.

D: Be very very very sad and a little unstable.

Catch She Owl at this Friday’s Clash Symbols #15 with Soft Crystals and No Diving.