Tire Toi Tigre

Newest act on the block, Tire Toi Tigre debuts this Thursday, 23 May at Bang On, Loophole. Get to know them here!


Bang On Team: Thursday 23 May will be your debut show. How do you feel?
We are excited but also a little nervous! We expect to see a lot of friendly faces in the audience to welcome us into the scene (in the sense of a debut), and we look forward to hangout with the other bands and experience the atmosphere we make together.  Oh, and we wanna dance or jump… whichever is going to fit the beats.

Tell us about your sound. How did you develop it?
We experiment with minimal material/instruments and sort of never stop improvising. There are parts in every song that remain "flexible" : text, changes and duration is not necessarily a set thing; like learning how to draw nuances with a sharpie, aware of the no-going-back moment but embracing bleeding through and making things thicker.

What are some influences?
We want to grow up to be like Slint and Scout Niblett. Other influences are post punk, Riot Grrrl, bedroom rock, lo fi spirit, grunge scene, garage rock, and… the Kims! Gordon! and Deal!

What's the energy like in your practice room?
When one of us is having a bad day, we always feel better after rehearsal.  So i guess the energy is very often transformative.  We goof off, laugh, rant, improvise, and talk about our lives.  I suppose the chatting is like our break time, because we don't actually leave the room all that often once we start.  We sustain ourselves with Reese's Peanut Butter cups and bubbly water!

If you could choose one person to be in the audience, who would it be?
Lee Ranaldo when on vacation in Berlin.
Carrie: My best friend from high school.

Catch Tire Toi Tigre at this Thursday’s Clash Symbols with (us!) Party Fears and the Noise and the Naive.