Things that come to mind when listening to Voodoo Beach: boozy dreams, summer hangovers, sexy deserts, sexy desserts. This dark, syrupy four-piece talks to us about jamspiration, making the most of life by reclaiming Kaiser's loyalty points and queen of the navy-blue angst frock, Gwen Stefani.

Graveyard chillin'. Voodoo Beach ain't afraid of no ghosts.


BangOn Team: Tell us a little about your band. What’s your sound?

Voodoo Beach: We are Voodoo Beach, your favourite band. We are two girls and two boys. Our music brings together psychedelic rock, shoegaze and blues, so we came up with the term “Psychedelic Blues” to describe our sound.

BOT: How do you go about songwriting?

VB: Either one of us brings a whole, ready song or just a riff or idea which we then work on together. This process is very enjoyable as you already have a start to go from and still a lot of room for everyone to contribute their ideas. Sometimes we just jam and draw inspiration from that. Fun-times, yolo.

BOT: Who are your biggest influences?

VB: Everyone of us has different musical roots, so it's hard to name any representative influences. A Tribe Called Quest rules, that's for sure!

BOT: What’s been your lowest and highest point as a band?

VB: The lowest point was when we got to know that the Kaiser's shops are about to close, without us being able to redeem our Extra Karten yet. Highest point was when we then redeemed them immediately and got a few chocolate-bars for it. Totally worth it!

BOT: What’s your ultimate aim?

VB: Our ultimate aim is to go on tour with Gwen Stefani.

BOT: You have the chance to play one song for a legend of your choice. What do you play?

VB: We would play George Harrison's “This Is Love” for... Gwen Stefani. She is a legend! No Doubt!

The song that launched a thousand spotty summer dresses.

BOT: What does Berlin do for you musically?

VB: Absolutely nothing.

BOT: What do we have to look forward to in the coming months from you?

VB: We will release another song very soon. Besides, we are in the process of writing new songs, which we will play exclusively for you on our upcoming shows.

BOT: Which muppet would you take in a fist fight?

VB: Instead of fighting, we would love to jam with them. Miss Piggy on theremin, Kermit on saxophone and the other guys as a choir. That would be amazing!

Catch Voodoo Beach on April 7th at Bang On's (iron) maiden show, Clash Symbols #1 with Paper Spook and Snøffeltøffs.